Autumn Haynes

Mar 12, 2020
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Autumn Haynes

Artist/Studio: Autumn Haynes
Location: Virginia

Autumn Haynes is an illustrator from Bland, Virginia. She is a mixed-media artist and her work is largely inspired by nature, containing many botanical themes.

She also loves fantasy and sci-fi and likes creating stories about witch-moms and time-traveling cats.

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Adron Buske

ConventionPrime was created by Adron Buske. In the nerd world, Adron is known as the host of the FICTITIOUS podcast, and former host of the NERD FOR A LIVING podcast. He is is a speaker, writer, interviewer, and multimedia storyteller. A media professional since 2001, he spent 11 years in the radio industry as a digital creative director and, later, a corporate executive. He has worn many creative hats: video production director, graphic designer, web developer, fashion photographer, performing musician, gaming festival organizer, comic creator, and voice talent. He is a frequent speaker at pop culture conventions around the country, presenting seminars about entertainment careers, the craft of storytelling, and ways to power-up your life using concepts from gaming and fiction.

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