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Mar 24, 2020
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Insymmetry Creations LLC

Artist/Studio: Insymmetry Creations LLC
Location: Florida & California

Insymmetry Creations is the online home of comic writers / content creators Steph Cannon and Matt Knowles. This bi-coastal pair have been making their mark from Florida to California over the past two years, making over 35 personal appearances in 2019 alone!

Their main title, the steampunk time-travel HEIRS OF ISILDUR, follows the mantra “Where Steampunk, Comics, and Metal COLLIDE!”. Why, you ask? They recently released a 268 page trade paperback for it, that is accompanied by a 12 track METAL album!

They have also just released the 2nd issue in the 3 part medieval fantasy mini-series TALES FROM NOCTURNIA.

They are 2 time Independent Creator Award winners (2019) (Innovation / Best Kickstarter Campaign).

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Featured Product

TALES FROM NOCTURNIA Issue #2: This was to be released AT ECCC2020. This double issue is 40 pages of medieval madness featuring guest / cameo appearances by the band INFERI (The Artisan Era record label) and STABBITY BUNNY’S Richard Rivera (Scout). Six collectible covers featuring art by BRYAN SILVERBAX (Scout), THOMAS TENNEY (Marvel / Creepshow) and more!


  • Comics — Heirs of Isildur (Steampunk / Time Travel)
  • Comics — Tales From Nocturnia (Medieval Fantasy)
  • Graphic Novels —  Heirs Of Isildur
  • Shirts
  • Trading Cards
  • Posters
  • Collectibles (Jacket Patches, Coins, Buttons)


  • Steampunk
  • Time Travel
  • Medieval
  • Fantasy
  • Metal Music
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