Other Resources

With the onset of the COVID-19 virus concerns and recommendations — including social distancing and shutdown of large gatherings — a number of comic conventions and pop culture expos have been cancelled or postponed. This includes huge shows like Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle), Planet Comicon (Kansas City), and WonderCon (Anaheim), along with a ton of smaller shows, like Fan Expo Dallas, Anime Boston, and Lexington Comic and Toy Convention.

These cancellations and reschedulings are having a huge impact on independent artists, authors, comic creators, crafters and others who make most or all of their income on the comic con circuit.

With no IRL Artist Alleys or exhibition floors available for the foreseeable months, the con-going community has rallied to help indie creators find their audience online.

ConventionPrime was created as one such hub for these artists. But there are a number of other sites, streams, resources, and social media threads working to connect consumers with creators. Below is a (non-comprehensive list) of other resources:

If there are other resources I should be sharing in this list, please send me a message using the Contact page.

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